Understanding Autism

“Your child has Autism;” the devastating words that send fear, shock, and confusion through the mind, heart and soul of every parent and caretaker. Television commercials, radio talk shows, TV specials and more, the list is endless; for the issue is everywhere you turn. Statistics abound, opinions, articles and countless internet resources are at your fingertips providing numerous theories – many which are contradictory. Where does one start to begin unraveling the mystery?

Understanding this complex disorder, parents and caretakers become self-taught physicians, psychiatrists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, dieticians, behaviorists, speech therapists, audiologists, occupational therapists and countless other disciplines. What caused this?” “Is there a cure?” “Will my child ever have a typical life?” When drowning in a sea of uncertainty, consumed by a whirlwind of emotions, questions and confusion, where do you turn?

CAF understands and will help you navigate the turbulent waters and brave the storm. A daunting process for any parent or caretaker, yet the very foundation of the CAF was built by parents, determined to find answers and create solutions.

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