Our Philosophy

At CAF human dignity is the foundation upon which every action, program and service is built. Embracing a philosophy of respect and freedom, CAF believes that all individuals with disabilities are entitled to experience the highest degree of personal success and self sufficiency. We maintain that effective solutions require an integrated approach, linking education, training, employment and empowerment strategies to promote productivity and inclusion.  CAF’s goal is to afford the same opportunities to individuals impacted by disabilities, as those opportunities that are available to individuals that are not impacted by disabilities. CAF’s goal is to help individuals be fully engaged citizens, cradled within a community that provides lifelong support and encouragement.

At CAF our programs are individualized and respond to the varied needs and desires of those we serve, striving always to enable individuals to enjoy the most highly attainable quality of life. Our aim is for people with disabilities to thrive emotionally, spiritually and physically and to provide the means and support to help all individuals aspire to achieve their goals. We enable individuals with disabilities to transcend social, cultural, policy and service barriers, and enjoy a better chance at leading a rich and productive life.

To provide people with autism and other developmental disabilities, the best possible opportunities for lifetime support, training and assistance to help them reach their highest potential for independence, productivity and fulfillment.