Employment Programs

Historically, and to present day, individuals with disabilities remain one of the largest groups of unemployed adults. Facing numerous employment barriers to include unavailability of vocational/job skills training, accommodations, and assistive technology services, individuals with disabilities must hurdle immense stigma coupled with low societal expectations that fosters job discrimination and little to no opportunity for advancement or exploration of career possibilities. CAF has developed employment program models that provide individuals with disabilities the opportunities, skills and ongoing support they need to successfully work on-site at CAF, or integrate into the workforce within their community.

ABC Supported Employment
ABC Supported Employment Program provides assistance to participants who are employed at various off-site businesses. CAF Job Coaches secure appropriate positions for individuals by assessing skills and interests; coordinating with employers to match jobs to skill sets, and providing ongoing, individualized support. As the liaison between the employer and CAF employee, Job Coaches facilitate any necessary accommodations and ancillary services. Utilizing a four step process that includes (1) Assessment (2) Job Development (3) Pre-vocation Coaching (4) Job Coaching, CAF’s comprehensive services enables individuals with disabilities to access and succeed in community employment, and opens doors to an inclusive, enriching and fulfilling life.

ABC Supported Employment Program
Sherry Lofton, Program Manager
(510) 758-0433, Ext. 104