Our Approach & Methodologies
While among disability advocates and practitioners there may be some debate about what constitutes programmatic best practices, there is widespread consensus and recognition of the social and human rights dimensions of disability. In response, CAF has developed a framework to ensure that people with disabilities have life-long support in their efforts to develop to their potential, and to lead inclusive, productive and fulfilling lives.

CAF’s educational and social programs combine academic curriculum in a structured environment with the intermingling of art, music and self help skills. CAF combines the best of rights-based and social models to promote self confidence, empowerment and participation. CAF’s belief that all people with disabilities deserve and benefit from a fully rounded life within their community led to the development of vocational training and employment support programs that provide individuals the opportunity to work and play alongside others within the community. The cornerstone of CAF’s belief is that individuals with disabilities belong in the community – this resulted in CAF’s community based residential care homes and supported living services. As a convenience to family caretakers, CAF provides daily round-trip transportation to program participants.

CAF maintains the premise that a change must occur within society and the way it views and responds to disability. Rather than people with disabilities being excluded from, or having to change to fit society, society must make room for them, treat them with dignity and most importantly, uphold their basic human rights.