Educational & Vocational Programs

Built on a foundation of social inclusion through participation in community, CAF provides individualized educational and community based social programs that are a blend of academic, cultural, recreational and environmental instruction leading to increased competencies and skills.

ABC School (Ages 6-22)
ABC School is a non-public school that serves children and young adults from ages 6 to 22 that have autism and other developmental disabilities.  ABC School offers community-based programming which provide students the opportunity to learn generalized skills that are transferable to daily real world settings in addition to the classroom environment. ABC School’s highly specialized curriculum and highly trained staff, excel in helping students who have been unable to succeed elsewhere. ABC School’s functional skills curriculum includes math, language arts, vocational training, culinary classes, art classes, music classes, travel training and self-help skills.

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ABC Adult Day Program (Age 18+)
ABC Adult Day Program is a community-based entry level vocational training and social enrichment program based in Richmond, CA. ABC Adult Day Program serves individuals 18 years and older with autism and other developmental disabilities. ABC Adult Day Program provides individuals group and personalized support and services based on goals outlined in their Individual Program Plan (IPP). ABC’s four key area of focus are: Self Advocacy, Self Care, Vocational and Community Integration.

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