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What is Your Motivation?

What started as an idea to provide a better life for one child, has become a model that combines best practice methodologies and the social investment of the community to create a better world for people with autism and developmental disabilities.  CAF has impacted the lives of countless individuals and we cannot do this alone and that is why we invest in providing education and raising awareness of the social, health and financial implications of autism and developmental disabilities.

Our vision will take all of us – an interconnected community of citizens that share common values and beliefs, have the passion and fortitude to meet the challenges, and possess a deep commitment to creating a more inclusive world for people with autism and disabilities.

There are many opportunities for action by individuals, businesses, corporations and the medical community to create a scalable and sustainable framework for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the areas of education, employment and housing.  Partner with CAF and change the life of an individual with disabilities. YOU can make an impact today!