ABC Adult Day Program (Age 18+)

ABC Adult Day Program is a community-based entry level vocational training and social enrichment program based in Richmond, CA. ABC Adult Day Program serves individuals 18 years and older with autism and other developmental disabilities. ABC Adult Day Program provides individuals group and personalized support and services based on goals outlined in their Individual Program Plan (IPP). ABC’s four key area of focus are: Self Advocacy, Self Care, Vocational and Community Integration.

Promoting self advocacy, self care and independence, ABC Adult Day Program offers instruction in creative arts, literacy development, mobility training, computer skill development, cooking, laundry, self-monitoring, communication, health, hygiene and well being. ABC Adult Day Program utilizes numerous modalities to develop communication skills to include P.E.C.S. and sign language.

Vocational and employment training skills are provided in preparation for independent employment and program participants partake in volunteer work enclaves providing gardening and landscaping, janitorial services, food packaging and distribution with organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Contra Costa Humane Society and Adopt a Park.

Please note: Eligibility in ABC Adult Day Program requires the following:

  • Individuals must be currently associated with the Regional Center of East Bay
  • Individuals must have a referral from a Case Manager at Regional Center of East Bay
  • An individual assessment/evaluation conducted by CAF staff to ensure that ABC Adult Day Program is an appropriate placement and can meet the individual’s specific needs.

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ABC Adult Day Program
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