ABC Adult Day Program (Age 18+)

About California Autism Foundation Innovative Choices Day Program

Thank you for considering California Autism Foundation’s Innovative Choices Day Program.   Our mission is to provide people with autism and other developmental disabilities the best possible opportunities for lifetime support, training and assistance to help you reach your highest potential for independence, productivity and fulfillment.

The overarching goal of the Innovative Choices Day Program is to assist people to live active, interesting lives by providing training and support, so you can:

  • Explore employment options and/or volunteer work that interests you.
  • Access your community and participate safely in the activities and events you enjoy.
  • Develop meaningful relationships.
  • Increase your ability to make personal choices, advocate and communicate for yourself.
  • Build new skills and experiences so you can become as independent as possible in your daily life and/or advance in your career.

Innovative Choices Day Program is a 100% community-based program. Individuals will participate in community events and activities that interest them.  Skills targeted for instruction will be based on each individual’s needs, person centered planning, and abilities and interests.

Skills addressed will typically focus in three general areas which include the following:

Employment and Volunteerism:  those who wish to explore employment and volunteerism will go through a person-centered discovery process which includes identifying vocational strengths and goals, pre-employment foundational skills training, volunteer experiences and other exploration opportunities based on the expressed interests of individuals served.

Community: Based on personal interest and abilities, skills will be taught on an individualized basis, in the natural environment. Opportunities to explore and access community resources and facilities, learn public transportation, engage in interactions with the general public, community safety and job exploration will build skills and enrich experiences.

Self-Advocacy/Social Skills:  Based on individual abilities, choices and interests, skills areas could include: appropriate social behavior, making friends, initiating social interactions, advocating for oneself, learning to make informed choices and decisions.

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