[Updated] ABC School closure beginning March 17 through June 5 due to COVID-19 mandatory shelter in place

Updated April 8, 2020

ABC School closure starting March 17 due to COVID 19 mandatory shelter in place. Distance learning will be provided to parents and students by our team until the end of the shelter in place. We are hoping to re-open in person for ESY (extended school year) beginning June 29.

Dear parents, staff and school districts,

Seven Bay Area county health officers, in collaboration with their six county superintendents of schools have made a unified, regional decision to extend school closures and student dismissals from regular school attendance through the end of the school year (June 5, 2020) in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible. The safety and wellness of students, school personnel, and the community are the highest priorities of all schools and districts in these six counties.

As a result, ABC School will be closed until May 1st and is currently planned to reopen for ESY (extended school year) beginning June 29.

During the physical closure, our wonderful team of Teachers/Educators, therapists (OT, Speech) and behaviorist are still providing remote learning using various innovative online medias such as Google classroom, Zoom, phone calls, video modeling and video calls, news to you, IEP goals data sheets and individual emails with material package and individual guidance. Parents and caregivers please check your email daily and collaborate with our team as it is important that our students keep on working on their goals and receive essential services so they do not regress during this long period of time.

Our spring break will be between March 30th and April 3rd, the online program classes will resume on April 6th through June 5.

Our School Team intends to support and educate all of our students during the pandemic closure with a robust individualized remote learning program that is HIPAA and FERPA compliant. Therefore we will continue to bill our school districts for services and specialized education based on SB 117 Governor’s Emergency declaration calling for the continuation of ADA through closures and for all schools to rise to the challenge of priority distance learning opportunities. SB117 clearly states a hold harmless clause outlining the continued payment of district employees, contractors and NPS serving students from school districts.

Please take care of yourself and stay safe.

Kind regards,
Edith and ABC School Team

Dr. Edith Molinier, Ph.D
Director of Special Education, School Principal, A Better Chance School
California Autism Foundation www.calautism.org
Phone:(510) 262-1500 ext101

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