Custom Assembling & Packaging Services (CAP)

There is a workforce in the United States, consisting of 7 million people eager to work for you. They’re people with developmental disabilities. The statistics are numbing: 88% of working age adults who have a developmental disability are unemployed.

Employment is a critical component of community living for any adult, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Work is more than a means to economic self-sufficiency, it also is an important way for individuals with disabilities to contribute to their communities, build a network of social relationships, and create opportunities for lifelong learning. Yet people with disabilities are confronted with numerous barriers to employment to include prejudice, discrimination and fear. The good news is that YOU can be a part of the solution while gaining access to well-trained, productive employees that are highly motivated to work.

Custom Assembling & Packaging Services (CAP)
California Autism Foundation operates an employment program called Custom Assembly & Packaging (CAP) that provides top quality assembly, labeling, packaging and fulfillment services to a variety of businesses. CAP has helped dozens of companies solve their outsourcing needs at a very reasonable cost. Operating from our 60,000 square foot Richmond warehouse, the facility is bonded for wine and licensed by the California Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch. It includes 21 loading docks and 15 large, insulated storage units ideal for wine and food inventory. We are well equipped to handle short and long-term projects. Our fulfillment services include:

  • Assembly
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Fulfillment

CAP assures:

  • Quality control assurance
  • Staff supervision of employees
  • Trained and dependable workforce
  • Timely project completion
  • All workers paid by CAP following DOL guidelines
  • CAP provides worker’s compensation, payroll and insurance


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Custom Assembly & Packaging Services
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Businesses we have served: (view all)

Oakland Packaging

“We really appreciate the services that the California Autism Foundation provides for us. We can set up a kitting project, get a price, and count on it being done quickly and without errors. The quality of the work helps reinforce the great reputation that Oakland Packaging enjoys and this is very important to us. I would readily recommend the California Autism Foundation to anyone who needs help with the services that they provide.”

Steve Cowden, Vice President
Oakland Packaging

Oren's Kitchen

“We are very excited to have partnered with CAF and have them package and ship our products. Their customer service is very good; they are always open for feedback and eager to do their work perfectly. By giving them the task of packaging and shipping we freed our time to concentrate on creating our Artisan Nuts.”

Arnon Oren, Owner/Chef
Oren’s Kitchen

Cocoa Rustica

“It is a pleasure working with everyone in the CAP program at Precision Industries.  Ours is a values-based business and we find the values of Precision Industries program sync perfectly with our own. The grinding, stamping, labeling and packing functions required for our product are well-suited to the skills and abilities of the PI employees.  The quality is closely supervised by CAF staff/management and the pricing is substantially better than a commercial fulfillment center. Additionally, with its vast warehouse and refrigeration facilities, Precision Industries is able to accommodate our needs as well as those of many others. I recommend their services to those seeking a balance between quality and affordability with an emphasis on shared values.”

Mark Sommer, Owner
Cocoa Rustica